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Are you constantly thinking about your future and what it could be? You know you're meant for more but you just don't know what that means or how to make it happen?

With years of coaching men and women on career and leadership strategies, the Rise Up For You Team has recognized that in order to get you to your next level of success you must have:

  1. CLARITY: Clarity is the first step to success to ensure you are moving in the right direction! Save money, time, and energy on the front end by defining what you want, why you want it, and how you're going to achieve it. 

  2. ACCOUNTABILITY: You may know what you want but maintaining consistency, motivation, and forward-movement is a challenge many professionals struggle with on their own.  Having an accountability coach that has experience, knowledge, and strategy is the key to seeing results. 

  3. CUSTOMIZATION: The truth is everyone is different! Rise Up For You understands that in order to best support you, we must meet you where you are and ditch the cookie-cutter coaching template. Our success lies in your success. 

  4. STRATEGY:  When you have the right strategy, anything is possible! Successful people understand the importance of an effective strategy and the importance of sustainability. This program will carefully walk you through a strategic plan that is best for you and your trajectory. 

You can start to make a change today by joining our Success Coaching Program!

Who is the Program For?

If you're ready and wanting to reach new heights in your career and business then this program is right for you! Calling out to all executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and working professionals seeking more!

  • Gain clarity on your vision and next career move.

  • Understand how to attract clientele, generate leads, and maintain results.

  • Tap into your full potential in your career and life

  • Build a sustainable strategy to take your career to the next level.

  • Take more risk as a professional

  • Overcome any limiting beliefs that may get in the way of your vision.


This is customizable to you and your success and not a cookie cutter blueprint that is one-size fits all.

Once you decide to move forward with coaching the following steps will occur:

  1. We will instantly set-up your coaching calendar and set-up the weekly sessions with Nada Lena the founder of Rise Up For You and your success cohort. Sessions will take place once a week for 8-weeks. 
  2. Each call will then take place via ZOOM for  60-75minutes.
  3. Each coaching session will be followed by an email and a video recording of our session will be uploaded into your coaching portal for playback convenience and review. Additional resources will also be given to help you achieve your benchmarks. 

Some potential topics we will cover depending on your coaching initiative. Subject to change depending on the individual's movement and progress with their coach. 


  • Career Confidence 
  • Clarity and Next Step Implementation
  • Analyzing Your Process
  • Fine Tuning Your Brand to Attract and Retain
  • Diversifying Your Product Portfolio
  • Community Outreach for Exposure
  • Generating Leads
  • Funnel Systems and Follow-Up

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