Rise Up For You's Transformative Methods and Curriculum

Creating Positive Shifts in People That Last!

The RISE Experience LIVE shares practical strategies and methodology for creating positive shifts in individuals for greater performance, purpose, and success in leadership, business, and life!  The Rise Experience is rooted in Emotional Intelligence creating breakthrough experiences in self-awareness, confidence, self-management, communication, and leadership.

Through our transformative hands-on experience, participants uncover blind spots,  create their personalized road map to success,  identify limiting beliefs and triggers that impact communication and leadership,  and more. Participants work with the Rise Up For You Team starting at the foundation of self-awareness and accurate self-assessment, working through self-management, motivation, mindset shifts, and ending with positive impact and transformational leadership.  

The Rise Up For You proven roadmap used amongst thousands of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals, elevates a growth mindset and expands the minds of participants for greater fulfillment and achievement in all areas of life: professionally and personally. 

Why Emotional Intelligence?

Many experts contend that EI is more important than the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and actually accounts for 80% of professional and personal success. According to Daniel Goleman, the preeminent expert of EI, Emotional Intelligence is categorized into four quadrants, and it helps build and maintain healthy personal and professional thoughts, actions, and relationships.

RISE Experience Details

  • Schedule

    The RISE Experience LIVE takes place over a 2-day duration starting at 9am pst - 5pm pst and takes place on Friday and Saturday. Participants will receive a 1-hour lunch break each day and 3, 15-minute breaks throughout the day.

  • What's Provided

    Each participant receives a robust workbook and additional resources to use for the duration of the experience. In addition, breakfast, coffee, and additional beverages are included for your convenience throughout the experience. (lunch is not provided)

  • Delivery

    The RISE Experience LIVE is held in person for optimal results and transformation. Research shows that LIVE in-person experiential learning creates the greatest impact for individuals providing long-term results and growth. All Live Experiences will take place in Orange County, California at the Antis Roofing Training Room, 2649 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

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Course Agenda-DAY 1

The following topics are comprised of diverse teaching methods for optimal learning. A combination of interpersonal and intrapersonal techniques will be used for the duration of the workshop.

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Mindset Mapping and Success Set Up

  • The Foundational Pillars to 360 Success

  • Your Personalized Success Roadmap- The 5 Step Blueprint

  • Breaking Barriers and Neuro Reframing

  • Emotional Intelligence- The 18 Steps of Breakthrough

  • Confidence, Self-Advocacy, and Enoughism

  • Blind Spot Breakthrough and Accurate Self-Assessment

  • Self Management and The Root of Action

What Others Are Saying

Training & Talent Development Consultant | Certified Corporate Trainer | Instructional Designer

Michelle Camden

Training & Talent Development Consultant | Certified Corporate Trainer | Instructional Designer

I have been impressed with the creativity, informative content, and engaging activities delivered. As a professional facilitator and content creator, I'm a tough audience! And I am impressed by the natural presentation style and how relatable they make the message. As a Talent & Development professional, I have facilitated on EQ many times and thought I knew everything there was to know. I was blown away by how deep they went into the topic and was able to help me in different areas of EQ I hadn't thought of.
Training Specialist

Daniel Frutiger

Training Specialist

Our team member is now an incredible asset and an advocate within the company for improved Emotional IQ and Employee Engagement. I am very impressed with the knowledge and empathy Nada and her team exhibited during their service with our company. I am especially impressed with the improved mindset and sustainability they accomplished with our team.
Marketing Manager

Angie Bravo

Marketing Manager

Rise Up For You, Nada, and her entire Team is exactly what we needed. They are warm, honest, passionate. I have enjoyed and appreciated all their expertise. I feel empowered, re-energize. Not just with my career but my personal life. I highly recommend Rise Up For You. If you want to make a change in your life big or small. They will definitely guide you. Thank you Nada and team you are phenomenal.

Course Agenda- DAY 2

The following topics are comprised of diverse teaching methods for optimal learning. A combination of interpersonal and intrapersonal techniques will be used for the duration of the workshop.

  • What Is vs Everything Else

  • Communication Style- How Are You Showing Up

  • Ego Vs Active Listening- Where Do You Stand

  • Non-Verbal Presence- What Are You Really Saying?

  • Your Personal Council

  • The Pursuit of Personal Potential

  • Transformative Leadership- It's Not About You

  • The Pursuit of Pulling Potential Out in Others

  • Paving Your Path- Your Next Steps

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  • Do I need t stay for the duration of the LIVE Experience?

    Yes, we highly recommend that all participants stay for the entire duration of the workshop and fully engage. True transformation will only occur with participation that is present and fully committed.

  • Where is the LIVE Experience?

    In 2022, the RISE Experience LIVE will take place in Orange County, California. The venue will be announced soon.

  • How much does it cost?

    The RISE Experience Live is one low cost of $997. This includes breakfast, beverages throughout the day, and resources for your convenience to take notes, reflect, and more.

  • What do I need in order to prepare for the event?

    An open mind first and foremost and the willingness to push your thoughts and thinking. Our team will call you closer to the event to provide additional details in regards to parking, lunch, and more.

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