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We understand how difficult it can be to find an educational program that actually works for you. The Rise Up For You School, a unique learning platform designed and supported by Rise Up For You, offers the engaging, strategic, and science-based curriculum you are looking for. Our school membership provides something for everyone! Whether you're looking to grow your career, strengthen your mindset and confidence, or forge a new company culture for your business, this program is designed to spark growth and to take you and your company to the next level. 

The focus of our curriculum is the development of four foundational skill sets, which will equip you with the tools needed to excel in today's ever-changing workplace and world:
  1. Leadership
  2. Mindset and Confidence
  3. Career Edge Skills
  4. Company Culture and Employee Engagement


  • Executives, Managers, and HR Leaders
  • Professionals seeking career and personal growth
  • College students entering the workforce
  • Entrepreneurs, coaches, and self-employed individuals who are looking for all-around growth in their careers and lives

Does This Sound Like You?

The Foundational Four

Each week, master class and your instructors will rotate between the four foundational areas of focus.

How Does the Membership Work?

Class sessions occur every Monday at 4:30pm PST

This ongoing, monthly membership brings you new content each and every week. 

Every Monday evening, Master Class is in session! The Monday Master Classes are live and led by engaging instructors who ensure every session is a quality learning experience. All sessions have a networking component, a lecture/workshop section, and a live Q&A roundup where you can ask the instructor personalized questions (and no, not through a chatbox, but live, as if you were in a classroom). 

If you make it through all of the curricula, you do get a certification of completion as well as 24 SHRM credits. The entire curriculum is 48 sessions but not a requirement to enroll in the monthly membership. 

And if you happen to miss a session, replays are always available in the Rise Up For You Library, which you will have access to as part of your monthly membership. 

Nada Lena Nasserdeen, MA

TEDx Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Leadership and Confidence Coach, Founder of Rise Up For You

Nada Lena, MA in Educational and Administrative Leadership, is the founder and CEO of Rise Up For You. With over 10 years of experience as a college professor and former top executive for an education corporation, Nada understands the importance of fusing education, empowerment, and leadership together as she works with her clients and speaks on stage to audiences worldwide. She has been a featured speaker on multiple platforms including TEDx Talks, The California Human Resources Conference, Women's Health Expo, UCLA Extended Learning, and The Human Gathering. Her company, Rise Up For You, has been featured in popular media with CBS, Face The Truth with Vivica A. Fox, LA Fitness, Google Next 19, Lebanon’s National Prime News Channel, LBC News, and more! Nada is a proud TEDx Women speaker and will be hitting the TEDx stage again in August 2020 in Southern California.

Dr. Mary Hemphill

Leadership Development Coach, Director of Computer Science, CEO of The Limitless Leader, & Co-Founder of Rebrand NC Edu

Dr. Hemphill holds a PhD in Leadership Studies, and has led, coached, and impacted close to 25,000 individuals around the world on transformational and innovative strategy, self-empowerment, and leadership. Most recently Mary had the opportunity to hone her expertise through her role as North Carolina’s first state director of Computer Science & Technology Education where she works to leverage support and leadership around Computer Science initiatives across the state. In addition, she has presented and spoken for multiple platforms and conferences, such as the Model Schools Conference, All Things Open, The Future of Tech Is Female, and NCASA Conference on Educational Leadership.

Lauren Sweeney, BS

Career Confidence Coach and Speaker

Lauren is an activator and a creative thinker with a heart for public service. Disciplined, coachable, and goal-oriented, she is driven by challenges and has a passion for leadership development and collaboration. She has advanced coaching certifications from the Direct Sales World Alliance (DSWA) along with a Bachelor's of Science in Community and Regional Development from UC Davis. While there, Lauren also earned the Charles Hess Community Service Award for her efforts in the community. Lauren has served as an Ambassador for the Brea Chamber for several years and enjoys supporting businesses with marketing, and confidence/leadership development. Serving as a trainer of trainers for the California Association of Student Councils for many years, Lauren thrives on mentoring via asking questions, actively listening, and being a positive example of what she teaches.

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Course curriculum

Here's What You Have to Look Forward To!

  • 1



    • Growth Starts Here Motivator

    • MASTER CLASS SESSIONS- What You Need to Know



    • LEADERSHIP: Topics We'll Cover

    • MINDSET: Topics We'll Cover

    • CAREER EDGE SKILLS: Topics We'll Cover


  • 2

    June Sessions

    • Uncovering Leadership Blindspots- Are You Bias?

    • Confidence Crushers and What to Do About It 

    • Are You Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket?

    • Workplace Well Being and Mental Health

  • 3

    July Sessions

    • Get it Right With LinkedIn- How to Build a Stand Out Profile

    • Next Level Leadership- What’s Your Style?

    • Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset

    • Company Culture or Cosmetic Culture- Which One Do You Have?

  • 4

    August Sessions

    • Practicing Personal Wellness- How Effective is Your Leadership?

    • Building Your Confidence- Are You Born With It?

    • Basic Professionalism- It’s Not So Common Anymore

    • How to Decrease Employee Turnover and Increase Engagement

  • 5

    September Sessions

    • How to Engage in Meaningful Conversations Without Crossing Boundaries

    • Self Worth is The Key To Your Success

    • The Competitive Edge: 5 Soft Skills You Must Have

    • Taking Accountability- All Sides of the Table

  • 6

    October Sessions

    • Dealing with Difficult Team Members

    • Intrinsic Motivation and Why Most People Don’t Have It

    • How to Build Lasting Professional Relationships

    • Generational Differences in the Workplace- Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  • 7

    November Sessions

    • Inspirational VS Transformational Leadership- What’s the Difference?

    • How to Self-Promote and Feel Good About It

    • Going Above and Beyond as a Professional 

    • Diversity and Inclusion: An All-In Model For You and Your Team

  • 8

    December Sessions

    • The Leadership Bucket- Are You Playing Favorites With Your Team?

    • Building Your Resilience Muscle

    • Speaking Up- How You Can Be Heard Without Being the "Troublemaker"

    • Healthy Conflict Resolution- It Doesn’t Have To Be Ugly!

  • 9


    • Effective Communication- Why is It so Hard? 

    • Putting Yourself Out There and Taking Risk

    • Redefining Success on Your Own Terms

    • Healthy Boundaries: Do’s and Don’ts in the Workplace 

  • 10


    • Listening Strategies- It’s Not About You

    • Taking Action- Why You Really Haven’t  Started

    • How You Show Up Is Everything 

    • Corporate Social Responsibility: Enhance Your Team, Community, and Reputation

  • 11


    • How to Coach, Mentor, and Motivate Your Team

    • Feel Good Because You Did Good! 

    • Presentation Skills 101

    • How to Make Change When Your Leaders Are the Problem

  • 12


    • Engaging Icebreakers for Team Building

    • Removing the Ego- To Feel or Not to Feel? 

    • The 3 Stages of Powerful Speaking

    • Women in the Workplace: How to Empower, Engage and Support

  • 13


    • From the Top Down- It Starts With You  

    • Are You Done Giving Away Your Power?

    • Productivity, Goal-Setting, and Time Management

    • Suicide Prevention for Your Employees

  • 14


    • Popular Mindset AUDIO/VIDEO Episodes

    • Most Career AUDIO/VIDEO Episodes

    • The C.O.R.E Method

    • Time Management Calendar

    • The 6 Pillars to Success


Email team@riseupforyou.com if you don't see your question below.

  • Who exactly is this program for?

    If you're looking for growth in your career and life, this is the place for you. Our membership features a diverse mix of executives, managers, HR leaders, other professionals seeking career or personal growth, college students entering the workforce, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Self-Employed Individuals who are looking for all-around growth.

  • How is this different than the Rise Up For You Club? Is there any overlap?

    The Rise Up For You Program is a 5-week program where only 1/3 of the course is via zoom and interactive. The other 2/3's of the club are via FACEBOOK LIVE. In addition, only 10% of the content overlaps and it's what we consider to be crucial curricula worth revisiting such as Emotional Intelligence and Confidence. Lastly, the club is strictly run by Nada Nasserdeen, the founder of Rise Up For You, where this school membership brings you, three additional instructors.

  • Do I get anything to show for my time as a school member?

    Yes! If you make it through the entire program of 48 sessions you receive a certification of completion from Rise Up For You along with 24 SHRM PDC's. You may also receive individuals SHRM units assigned by the session. All leadership and company culture sessions are worth 1 PDC each and two sessions occur a month. Therefore, you have the opportunity to earn two a month.

  • How much time will it take to go through the school?

    The Rise Up For You School Membership is a monthly membership that is ongoing for 12 months until you decide it's no longer a fit. Each class is 60-minutes and occurs one time a week. Your four instructors will rotate each week along with the foundational four categories: Leadership (every 1st Monday), Mindset (every 2nd Monday), Company Culture (every 3rd Monday), and Career Skills (every 4th Monday).

  • Will I get lifetime access to this program?

    Unfortunately, once you cancel your membership you lose access to the school membership portal. However, you have 30 days to download workbooks, pdfs, and all downloadable content for your own personal lifetime access.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We do not offer refunds for the school membership, however, you may cancel your membership with at least a 7-day notice before your next monthly payment.

  • What do I do if I need support?

    This isn’t a one-on-one coaching program, so there won’t be individual feedback. All of your instructors will hold live Q&A at the end of the sessions to help clarify questions. You always have access to our dedicated customer care if you run into tech problems, have a question about the program. You can reach us by email at team@riseupforyou.com

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