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Build Self-Worth, Crush Anxiety, and Gain Confidence

Are you constantly doubting yourself and getting in your own way? Are the expectations and standards given to you by society via social media, school, or family stopping you from being yourself? Does all that outside noise keep getting louder and louder, limiting your overall potential? If so, you’re not alone! 

Young men and women around the world have expressed their frustrations and struggles as they grow up in today's society. They have a hard time slowing down and asking themselves - "Who am I?" "What do I really want, and how am I going to get there?" With years of teaching young adults around the world on confidence and emotional intelligence, the Rise Up For You Team has recognized the top challenges among youth and how to empower them to be successful and confident. 

Here's what you'll learn when you work with us! How to:

  1. Overcome your self-doubt, create self-awareness, and tap into your full potential.
  2. Control and eliminate negative self-talk that prevents you from becoming your best.
  3. Trust your intuition and create a practical action plan to get where you want to go.
  4. Become more self-accepting, stop second-guessing, and gain clarity in your next steps. 
  5. Develop thriving relationships with a community of people who support and uplift you.
  6. Build your EQ (Emotional Intelligence).
  7. Create the confidence, clarity, and community needed to build a life of happiness and future success.


Dakota Rader

Dakota Rader

Youth Instructor

Dakota Blaze Rader, the co-founder of Next Generation Rise, was born and raised in Grand Island, Nebraska. He has an extensive background as a youth mentor, event coordinator, and public speaker - with education and experience in the financial services sector. Dakota is currently a Business Developer, Panel Facilitator, Trainer, and Youth Confidence Coach for Rise Up For You. As a passionate team member, he creates sustainable and transformation shifts in business's company culture by first developing their employees through soft skills training. He is an active Business and Workforce Development and Economic Vitality committee member with The Greater Irvine Chamber, as well as a proud member of the Newport Chamber. He is a skilled Service/Hospitality and Restaurant trainer, as well as a nationally awarded Personal Builder for independent financial advisors. Dakota is passionate about encouraging and empowering young adults to be present and to pursue their greatest potential. His focus in mentoring youth is to help them find their purpose and navigate their own personal and professional path. Dakota acknowledges the societal trends behind change, growth, and idea of success - but brings light to the reality that change is not change unless it is transformational and sustainable. He believes that in order to create change in our communities, schools, business's, and households we must first spark the change within.

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