Building Your Confidence

Maximize Your Potential in Career and Life

Are you constantly getting in your own way, hesitant to speak up, or waiting to be perfect to take action? If so, then your success is at risk!

It's simple, confidence is the key to your success in life and career. Whether you're looking to get to your next step professionally, find the love of your life, or wanting to build a happier relationship with yourself, true confidence is the ingredient that will change your life for the better in all aspects.

Men and women around the world have expressed their frustrations and struggles as they climb the career ladder and achieve next-level results in their personal and professional lives. With years of coaching men and women on career confidence and leadership strategies, the Rise Up For You Team has recognized the top four challenges for professionals. Do these sound familiar?

  1. Imposter Syndrome - Not feeling good enough or afraid that you don't bring enough value to the table

  2. Self-Promotion - Struggling with the idea of advocating for and asserting yourself when needed for work promotions, networking, and new opportunities

  3. Climbing the Career Ladder - Feeling unsure how to climb the ladder and get to the next step in your career—often accompanied by feelings of being unseen and unheard 

  4. Taking Risks - Finding it difficult to take risks at appropriate times, potentially missing out on advances for yourself and career 

Getting back to the core of who you are is essential as you strive to become the best version of yourself. The topic of confidence has yet to be spelled out in a way that is tangible and practical for individuals to use and develop, however, The C.O.R.E method by Nada Lena Nasserdeen, the founder of Rise Up For You has been proven to help individuals regain their confidence in a strategic and obtainable way. 

The C.O.R.E Method is comprised of four essential steps that help re-build confidence and self-worth amongst individuals. We will take a deep dive into each of the four steps providing an opportunity for reflection, application, and self-empowerment through action.

This is a 6-module interactive course backed by science-based research that will support you in regaining your confidence for your professional and personal aspirations.  

Hard work and commitment is required to ensure you see the greatest results. We will put our best foot forward in supporting you and we expect no less from you. After all, you deserve nothing less than greatness.

Who is the Program For?

Whether you're wanting to reach new heights in your career, learn how to self-promote, build more self-worth for better relationships, or feel empowered to take more risk in your career and personal life, Unstoppable You will teach you to:

  • Tap into your full potential in your career and life

  • Make confident decisions for your career

  • Develop thriving relationships

  • Create more consistency in your happiness and success

  • Overcome your self-doubt

  • Control and manage negative self-talk

  • Trust your intuition

  • Become more self-accepting and shame-free

Gain Professional Development Credits

“Rise Up For You is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. This program is valid for 6 PDCs for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit”

Course Curriculum

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn!

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

  • 2

    What is Confidence and Why Do We Need It?

    • What is Confidence?

    • Confidence Wheel

    • Top Challenges for Professional Men and Women

    • Confidence Quiz

  • 3

    The Science Behind Confidence

    • The Neuroscience Behind Confidence

    • The Brain Behind Confidence

    • Mindset Reset

  • 4

    Confidence Blockers

    • The Invaders of Confidence

    • Confidence Impacters- Where Do You Fall?

  • 5

    External Confidence Factors

    • The Way You Show Up Matters

    • Let's Practice Professional Poise

  • 6

    Tapping into C.O.R.E

    • Re-Building the Foundational Blocks of Confidence

    • Getting to the C.O.R.E

    • Reverse Engineering

    • Maintaining C.O.R.E

  • 7

    Mastering Your Mindset

    • Taking Your Power Back- Final Steps

    • Building Your Personal Board of Directors

    • Practice Playbook

  • 8

    The Courage to Be Confident

    • Congratulations

    • Before You Go...

    • Next Steps...

    • Rise Up For You Success Coaching

    • Additional Confidence Boosters



Nada Nasserdeen Nada Lena Nasserdeen

Founder of Rise Up For You, Master Instructor

Nada Lena is the founder and CEO of Rise Up For You, a company that fosters personal and professional growth amongst individuals and companies. She is an Executive Leadership and Career Confidence Coach, Post-Secondary Educator, and Motivational Speaker.

With over 10 years experience as a college professor and former top executive for an education corporation, Nada understands the importance of fusing education, empowerment, and leadership together as she works with her clients and speaks to audiences worldwide. She has toured the world as a singer, has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and has coached and mentored close to 50,000 individuals around the world on self-empowerment, confidence, career strategy, and leadership. 

Along with being featured on over 50 podcasts and radio shows, Nada has also been a keynote speaker at numerous events like the Women's Health Expo in Pasadena, The Young Professional Networking Event in Canada, The Lead the Way Educators Conference in Michigan, and The Human Gathering in Malibu. 

She most recently had the opportunity to share her expertise at Google's largest conference of the year Cloud Next ‘19, where she worked with tech industry participants and C-Suite executives on Career Confidence, Leadership, and Career Strategy. She was awarded the Chief's Award from the Orange County Sheriff's Department for her work in 2018 and is a two-time finalist for The Emerging Woman-Owned Business Award from Connected Women of Influence. In addition to appearing at the Google Cloud Next ‘19 conference, her company, Rise Up For You has been featured on CBS, Face The Truth with Vivica A. Fox, and Lebanon’s National Prime News Channel, LBC News. 

Nada believes that in order to create change in our communities, companies, and households, we must first create change within ourselves.

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