Maximize Potential in Your Career and Life

Are you constantly getting in your own way, hesitant to speak up, or waiting to be perfect to take action? ​ If so, you're not alone! ​ Men and women around the world have expressed their frustrations and struggles as they climb the career ladder and achieve next-level results in their personal and professional lives. With years of coaching working professionals on career confidence and leadership strategies, the Rise Up For You Team has recognized the top four challenges for professionals. It's simple—confidence is the key to your success in life and your career. Whether you're looking to get to your next step professionally, find the love of your life, or want to build a happier relationship with yourself, true confidence is the vital ingredient to changing your life for the better. You deserve to be your best, so don't wait—start building your confidence today.

Sound Familiar?

  • Imposter Syndrome

    Not feeling good enough or afraid that you don't bring enough value to the table.

  • Climbing the Career Ladder

    Feeling unsure how to climb the ladder and get to the next step in your career—often accompanied by feelings of being unseen and unheard. 

  • Self-Promotion

    Struggling with the idea of advocating for and asserting yourself when needed for work promotions, networking, and new opportunities.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Develop tools to self-promote and advocate for yourself and your success. 
  • Gain clarity in your career and next steps so that you can confidently take action.
  • Learn how to establish healthy boundaries between other people and work. 
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and gain strategies to feel enough.
  • Learn how to manage and modify emotional behaviors that impact personal and professional relationships.
  • Gain confidence in communication so that you can be seen and heard.
  • Understand how to overcome self-doubt, rejection, and fear, so that you can continue moving forward.
  • Learn how to reverse-engineer your thoughts and the "monkey chatter" in your head, which puts you down.


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A Few Benefits of Having a Coach

  • Break Blindspots

    Break blind spots and tap into your full potential- we don't know what we can't see in ourselves.

  • Gain Accountability and Motivation

    Your coach will support your next steps and push you past your comfort zone. Through benchmarks, communication, and our curriculum, your coach will help you take action!

  • Push Your Performance

    Learn from those who have been where you want to go. Our coaches provide real strategy that helps you move the needle in your growth.

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