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The most successful people in the world all have three things:



Career Strategy.

We understand how important it is to seek outside support for your continued personal and professional growth. Let's face it, it's not as easy as it sounds but building success on your own terms is achievable when you're with the right community who can provide the right tools!

For the next 6-weeks through community coaching, live-stream webinars, resources, and more, this free program will provide you with:

  1. Community- We all need accountability and a tribe of people to connect with.  
  2. Clarity- One of the top challenges for professionals and leaders is simply gaining clarity on vision and the next steps. 
  3. Career Strategy- Ideas and knowledge only serve you when a strong strategy is implemented to support your growth and success. 
  4. Confidence- Your success is determined by your belief in yourself and your abilities. Technique and skills are only at their full potential when they're coupled with a deep inner self-confidence. 
  5. Courage- The final step of success is taking action even when fear is present. 

It doesn't get any better than this! A FREE program that is invaluable with resources, time, and money. 

What Topics We Will Cover?


  • April 13th- Strategy Session #1: What, Why, How of Building Your Success, Purpose, and Business
  • April 14th- Become Your Best- The 6 Pillars to Success
  • April 16th- Managing Your Time Efficiently for Productivity and Optimal Results
  • April 20th - Strategy Session #2 Career Confidence: From Doubt to Action
  • April 21st- Uncovering Your Blind Spots- Building Emotional Intelligence
  • April 23rd- Mental Health and Stress Management at Work and Home Guest Expert
  • April 27th - Strategy Session #3 Defining Your Brand From A-Z
  • April 28th- How You Show Up is Everything
  • April 30th- Top Career Challenges for Men and Women Guest Expert
  • May 4th- Strategy Session #4 Speaking Tips for Video, Stage, and Audio
  • May 5th- Crafting Your Keynote Talk or Presentation- What, So What, Now What 
  • May 7th- How to Gain More Exposure Online and In-Person
  • May 11th- Strategy Session #5 Creating Systems: Value. Generate. Convert.
  • May 12th- Top Tools and Tips: Using Video For Your Business
  • May 14th- Crafting Your Follow Up Plan: Dos and Don'ts of Following Up
  • May 18th- Strategy Session #6 Inspirational Leadership
  • May 19th- Best Practices For Effective Communication 
  • May 21st- Be the Leader Your Life and World Need You To Be!

If you can't make a session, replays will be available in your Rise Up For You Library once you enroll. 


Weekly Live Zoom Strategic Sessions:

  1. Every Monday at 9:30am PST, 12:30pm est. 
  2. Unlike Live Stream, here you can see and connect with other individuals around the world that tune in, as well as ask questions live opposed to a chatbox.
  3. If you can't make it, recordings will be posted via the member portal. 

Live Exclusive Coaching VIA Livestream

  1. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am pst, 12:30pm est

We are excited to connect (if we haven't already) and look forward to learning more about how we can support you, your company, and/or your team.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Welcome to your Rise Up For You Library!


    • What is Rise Up For You?

    • Strategy Session #1 What, Why, How of Building Your Success (4/13)

    • Strategy Session #2: Building Confidence: From Doubt to Action

    • Strategy Session #3 Defining Your Brand From A-Z

    • Strategy Session #4 Speaking Tips for Audio, Video, and the Stage

    • Strategy Session #5- Value.Generate.Convert

    • Strategy Session #6 Transformational Leadership

    • Become Your Best Start-Up Kit

  • 3

    Confidence-Mindset Corner

    • Most Popular AUDIO/VIDEO Episodes

    • Confidence Check

    • Confidence Boosters

    • Re-Building CORE

    • Book of Daily Affirmations

  • 4

    Career Corner

    • Most Popular AUDIO/VIDEO Episodes

    • How to Be a Transformative Leader

    • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

    • Emotional Intelligence in a Nutshell

    • Time Management Calendar for Professionals

    • How to Enhance Company Culture

    • Are Your Employees At-Risk?

    • POSTER-Transformational Leadership

    • SWOT Analysis Template

  • 5

    Extra Video Resources

    • Success Motivator

    • Staying Motivated

    • Self-Compassion Along The Way

  • 6

    Next Steps

    • Success Mastermind Coaching

    • 1-1 Coaching: The Benefits

    • What is Coaching and Is It For Me?

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