Course curriculum

  • 1

    Become Your Best Success Program

    • Welcome from Rise Up For You
    • Become Your Best
    • Using Your Course Portal
  • 2

    Success Toolbox

    • HOW TO TAKE THE STAGE: Public Speaking and Presenting
    • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Why Your Success Depends on It
    • THE LEADERSHIP MENTORBOX: Becoming a Transformational Leader
    • WOMEN AT WORK: Career Lessons from the Best Corporate Executives
    • YOUR FREE EBOOK: Rise Up For You
  • 3

    What Makes us Successful?

    • The 6 Pillars to Success
    • Become Your Best Success Kit
    • Setting Yourself Up The Right Way
    • Time Management for the Working Professional
  • 4

    Creating Change- The Time is Now!

    • The Data Will Shock You
    • Building Your Statement of Purpose for Success
    • Creating a Healthy Space for Healthy Learning
  • 5

    Everything You Need Lies Within

    • How to Build a Life That You Are Proud Of
    • Building Confidence in Your Career
    • Re-building Your Self-Love
    • Avoiding Confidence Crushers